When we play at slot sites online and casinos, we often send questions to site support. With Slotsride you will get as much information as possible straight away. Minimize your need to contact online casino personnel. Of course, in some cases, this is a matter of money and withdrawals and then there is no other option than just sending in the question.

We are here to help you to prevent these situations when you play slots online for real money. Remember that it is important that you stick to UK slot sites, if you gamble from UK. Selecting licensed and legal casinos is the first step to fair and positive gambling experience.

Some slot machine players prefer to get an answer directly through casino live chat. Other players call support or send an e-mail. No matter the method, there is a number of questions that are just not important enough to ask. We prefer to test the slot game or the site features in order to learn how everything works.

Throughout this site – Slotsride –  we give you the answers on most of your potential queries, such as questions about casino game rules, features and payout. With us you will learn which slot sites have largest payout and which casinos online are trustworthy.

Slots with No Deposit and No Registration

Apart from all slot sites, we will present you to all best slot games online. Every day we search the web for new slots that have been released at UK casinos. Most of the times we can add those games to our library. Our aim is to provide you with all slots with no deposit and no registration required. All you have to do is to search the game, click on it and open it up in demo mode.

You will receive enough with free casino credits in order to test the slot game and get a grasp on the gaming experience this demo slot provides. You don’t have to deposit any money. However, this means that you are not playing for real money. If you want to win and withdraw your winnings on slots, a registration at slot sites is necessary.

New Slot Sites UK

As most of our visitors come from UK, we focus on casinos from this country, licensed by Gambling Commission. When we review new slot sites, we check only those who have valid UK license and have slot games as their main product. If you prefer playing at foreign sites, we recommend you testing our Slotsride portal in other languages. Even though you do not understand the languages, you will find new slot sites there at once, as many of them have no UK license.

We recommend you to always open accounts and claim your slot game bonuses at new Real Money UK gambling sites. Yet another reason for us not presenting illegal casinos is that we do our best to comply to British law and regulations around real money casino and games.

If you register at new slot sites from UK or from another country, the chance is high that you play too much. There is also a risk that you try to fool slot sites by claiming bonuses and wagering them in an unfair way. Slotsride is a site for responsible and fair gaming experience. Here you will find new slot sites with a free sign up bonus, available in UK, every month.

Top 10 Slot Sites Online

Every month we are presenting top 10 slot sites online, based on search statistics and number of active customers. We do our best to collect the most objective data. Creating a list of best UK slot sites is not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort and resources from our team.

You can always support our casino ranking by clicking on the slot site links and opening your casino account. The commission Slotsride receives will cover the expenses we are having, when investing our time into top slot sites rankings.

10 Free Spins for Free

Most popular casino no deposit campaign nowadays is 10 free spins for free. Most often you will receive those on NetEnt slot games. Starburst, Aloha, Neon Staxx and Pyramid have all one thing in common: low min bet level on all lines selected. This means that your 10 sign up free spins have lower cost for the casinos.

As you might suspect, all slot sites have a manager or a team of managers. They have a certain budget assigned for attracting new customers to try out their real money slot games. If they select Starburst or any other NetEnt slot with low bet level, they will be able to afford more free spins for free.

Slot Sites with PayPal

Finding a right deposit method for playing for real money might give you a headache. We know that most UK casino players appreciate slot sites with PayPal. Depositing and withdrawing money with this eWallet solution is fast and simple.

We at Slotsride know what customers want. We play slot games ourselves. We are used to making payments to gambling sites online. Of course, we do our best to put slot sites with PayPal on best possible positions, so that those get more promotion from our side.

So, if you are in search for best slot sites with no deposit bonus, slots with best payout  and PayPal payments, search no more. We are here for you. And before we proceed, let us tell you a secret: Blood Suckers and Classic Slot Games with Fruits are the ones having the best payout percentage or RTP.

Slot Machine School

Before you proceed with finding your favorite new slot site with UK license, let’s learn how to play the games. As your intention is to play slots and other casino products for real money, it is important to know all the details and the rules. If you are an expert and, also, have your strategy and bankroll/budget, your chances of winning are larger. If not, you have to be at least aware of the terms and features, listed below.

Dangerous Button at Slot Sites: Max Bet Spin

The “Max Bet Spin” button within a slot game is used to place the maximum bet possible using your current coin value. Today it is available in most of video slots online. By pressing the “Max Bet Spin”, you will be betting on all the lines in the game, with the maximum number of bets per line.

Level of Bet When Playing Slots

Each time you spin slots at slot sites online, your bet will be worth the coin value times by the number of lines selected and your bet per line. So, you could bet small by betting 1 credit on 1 line with a coin value of 0.05 (€0.05 per bet), or you could go big by betting 5 credits of €2,00 each on all the lines. Just remember: amount bet = coin value x number of lines x bet per line.

Bet Per Line in Slots

“Bet Per Line” is a special feature in casino 3D slot games that allows you to increase your bet – and your potential winnings. You can use this feature to bet up to 5 credits per line

Playing slot games with credits in online casino

This new generation 3D slots work on credits or coins.
You can choose the value of the coins you want to play with, you will then receive the appropriate number of credits based on your current account balance, and the coin value.

For example, assuming you have €100 balance and your chosen coin value is 1 Euro, you will receive 100 credits. But if choose to play with coins of €0.50, you’ll receive 200 credits. Remember to always check your coin value to know how much your credits available for you at slot site online are worth.

Slots credits and casino balance match

Remember to check your coin value when you play casino online so that you know how much your credits are worth. If you playing with a coin value of €1.00, then your number of credits will match your balance. But if you choose a different coin value, your number of credits will increase or decrease accordingly. As some slot sites, there is a lag between updates. You may see on coin value within the game and a different one in the lobby. This is a big bug, which most of casinos with slots have been good at tackling.

Verification Documentation UK Slot Sites Might Ask You

If you play casino games at online slot sites in UK, you have for sure noticed that after some deposits and/or casino withdrawals you get an annoying email. You are being asked to verify your online casino account by sending in some extra documents. All casinos in UK have same rules regarding verification documentations. This is not the case if you dare playing at foreign illegal casino sites from abroad.

While the exact rules on which documents you have to send might differ – depending on legislation – most of the times they are the same. The reason for this is that most of the best online casinos with slots today have their license in Malta. As they comply to same regulation, the rules regarding verification processes are the same. Please, note that slot sites with Maltese license are fully legal and legit. They are however not legal for you if you play from the UK. There are plenty of disadvantages for playing slot games at Maltese casinos, if you are in the UK. If you are in other countries, Malta online slot sites is the best choice you can make.

You may be requested to provide the following documentation:

  • Photographic ID: Photograph page of a valid Passport, Driving License or National ID card. Your name, photograph and signature must be clearly visible.
  • Proof of ownership of the deposit and withdrawal accounts, depending on the payment method you used for your online casino deposits:
  • Credit or debit cards: Front and back of the card used for the deposit. You are allowed to cover middle digits of the card number, leaving the first six and the last four digits visible. For example, 62525XXXXXX7890. Please also block out the 3 digit security code on the back of the credit card. Note that your bank card must have your signature on it – on the back side, of course.
    • Skrill, previously Moneybookers: Screenshot of your Skrill Profile page – the one you can find at My Account, once logged into the Skrill website. Your full name and address must be clearly visible on the screenshot.
    • Bank Transfer: Recent bank statement. Your bank account number, as well as your name and home address you have registered casino account with must be clearly visible on this document. In some cases, the casino may ask for additional documentation not mentioned above.

Losing Connection When Playing Slot Games

Did you get thrown out from your game while playing slots or table games at slot sites online? Don’t worry. First, please log in back to your account. You can find yourself in one of two situations:

  1. If you were playing a casino card game, then your game is not being lost without you viewing it. Next time when you sign into your casino account, you get the chance to open the card game and continue from the exact same situation it was in when you were disconnected.
  2. If the casino game you played were online slot games or roulette – or any other games, where you as a player have no opportunity to affect the outcome of the game, once your bet is placed, then the casino game round will be finished, even if you are out from the game. Your casino winnings will be automatically added to your casino balance. You can always view your game’s result by visiting the gaming history section.

Legal to Play at Slot Sites Online

The main question that UK players are having is whether it is fine to open accounts at casinos abroad. The same goes for other players from Europe. Whether or not it is legal to play at slot sites online depends upon the laws that govern the jurisdiction you live in.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you comply with such laws and to ensure that you have the right to use your online casino and to play casino games. Note, that the slot sites are not by any way responsible to the legality of your gambling.

Furthermore, it is not possible for them to know all the laws all over the world and to keep themselves updated on all the regulations. This means that you are the one who is fully responsible for your gambling activities and for checking what is fine in your jurisdiction.

Also, note that online casino sites will ask you to accept their Terms and Conditions. You will have to do this before opening casino account and starting playing slots. Depending on your country, you have to be 18 or 21 years old in order to play slots and other games for real money. By accepting T&Cs you admit that you are over your legal minimum age.